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Originally Posted by slantface View Post
I just recently picked up an M262 myself, and though I don't have a cat, I did have to take the obligatory "test" shot of my dog around the house...

Also, I gotta say I'm really really loving the M262. I thought I might have chosen wrong by not getting the M240, but I think I made the best choice after all. I don't need video or live view really.
An ocho! That was my brother's nickname for our family Aussie (still adventurous as ever at 16) of long-forgotten origin, that's come to mean any specimen of the breed for us.

As for the camera: I am loving it, too. Woke up in a sweat the other night after I plunked down the payment wondering why the heck I was trading up in the first place, again worrying if I ought to have saved $100 and gotten an older 240, and yet again thinking I ought to have gone whole hog on the M10.

Well, I could have bought several cameras or lenses with the difference of the M10, and the peace of mind of the newer camera was worth the small difference over the 240. No interest in video or live view either. Seems to be very polarizing opinions. I figure I've got an iPhone for snapshot videos and an old Panasonic for the very little 'real' video I do that takes the same lenses.

I know it's gotten a lot better in the intervening years, but I used to use a D3s for work years ago, and the live view on that was just impossibly clunky. Don't see any reason to seek out a camera for that experience again. I also don't see the appeal of putting SLR lenses on it, when I've already got an SLR. I'd rather be able to put my LTM lenses on the Nikon.

The new guy at my local dealer is a refugee from the Leica Store and has been bugging me to trade up to one of their piles of 262s they've got sitting around, trade-ins from the M10. Got a good deal from Adorama; my last two used purchases from them were DOA but this one's a keeper.

The only thing that is still enough to focus using my m8's rangefinder is my cat when it is sleeping. And even then it's a crap shoot if it happens to yawn.
Ha! I did some work for a cat cafe around here. Trying to keep up with 23 cats with no AF was an adventure. Even more so when I pulled out the camcorder and the dead-cat mike sock quickly went missing...
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