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Originally Posted by CharlesDAMorgan View Post
An extremely wet walk to the local camera shop revealed a cabinet of inexpensive EOS film cameras. Russell, the owner, like me a Nikon shooter let me just play away. Once I twigged that using the zoom was the reason images weren't coming in to focus, I was very impressed with the EOS650 he had - nice bright viewfinder which made focus very straightforward. Plus good size in the hand, not heavy and inexpensive complete with 35-70 kit zoom. So bought that as an inexpensive way to try it all out.

Now to explore the adapters.
just make sure no stickiness dark areas on the shutter as they are awful for failing shutters caused by foam bumpers breaking down and turning into stick goo. What makes it worse is the shutter sounds like its still working. On a positive note I have several 600s, 630s and 650s and I think they are great and super cheap!
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