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Originally Posted by Skiff View Post
But fortunately the Nikkor has only some very low/slight focus shift at very short distances (0.45m - 1m). In most situations you won't have any problems.
Fortunately I have to correct myself in a positive way .
The statement above I've made from my memory. But to be 100% certain I've just made a new focus shift test for you with my DSLR and the Spyder Lens Cal tool, which is perfect for tests of focus shifts.
At 1m there is absolutely no visible focus shift with the Nikkor AF-S 1.8/50G. Even in 100% view no focus shift visible!

There is only some very low/slight focus shift at minimum distance of 0.45m. But you need the 100% view to see it.
So nothing to worry about in daily photography .
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