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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
The light meter on the F6 is biased for slide film, i.e. it leans to underexposure so as not to lose highlights. When I shoot colour negative film, I set it for 1/2 stop over exposure.
I cannot confirm from my experience (more than a decade using F6 with hundreds of shot rolls) that the F6 light meter generally leans to under exposure. The light meter in 3D-color-matrix mode is extremely precise. Perfect results in about 99% of all cases. In the rest 1% it is only 1/3 or max. 2/3 stops away from perfect exposure. So even with reversal film in these rare cases you get good to usable results.
In very strong backlight situations exposing can be a bit on the underexposed side (typical for all internal object light meters). In such situations bracketing with exposures to the plus + side is helpful.
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