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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
Forget about wanting an aperture ring with the AF lenses. I was like that too until I tried those lenses. The aperture dials on Nikonís AF lenses (that I tried) are horrible and plasticky feeling with lots of stick. Not smooth, precise and beautiful like on the AIS lenses.
After I used it once I just used the camera body to control the aperture.
I have to disagree here: I don't have any problems with the 24-50 AF-D, 28-70 AF-D, the 28-70 AF-S, the 28-105 AF-D, the 1.8/50 AF-D, the 1.8/85 AF-D, the 2/105 AF-D and 4/300 AF-S.
With all these lenses I can even set the aperture ring at 1/3 stops difference manually.
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