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Originally Posted by Ted Striker View Post
I agree with Huss. The F6 really shines with fully automatic lenses.
The F6 shines with several different lens types, that is one of its numerous strengths:
AI and AI-S (with even matrix metering), AI-P, AF, AF-D, AF-S, VR and G type lenses.
The F6 can even be modified to use pre-AI lenses.
The only limitation is E-type lenses, which can only be used with full open aperture.

To the OP: If you don't have any older Nikon film bodies which need an aperture ring, you will not have any problem with buying a G type lens like the current Nikkor AF-S 1.8/50 G.
Advantage of the AF-D lenses with aperture ring is that
- they can be used on older Nikon film bodies as well
- the aperture can also be used with 1/3 stops via the aperture command dial (like the G lenses).

Here you find test reviews about Nikon lenses:
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