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Originally Posted by Skiff View Post

For example when the Nikon F3 was introduced, most professionals were rather sceptical because of the electronics. But in a few years the F3 has proven its reliability and now it belongs to the most legendary cameras.
But oh, it does have a weak-point. Underneath that weird hot shoe on top of the rewind knob is a wafer-thin glass resister plate. I cracked that twice when banging a mounted flash that stressed the assembly. Once that glass plate is cracked, the metering system is shot and the camera will only shoot at the mechanical 1/80 second shutter speed. I purchased the resister plate from Nikon twice during the 90's, $25 each time, and had the Nikon authorized repair shop here in Dallas repair it.

To my knowledge, that $25 resister plate is no longer being manufactured and I would imagine there will start to be F3's with un-repairable resister plates all over the place one day soon. I actually thought at one point about buying several of them from Nikon to sell at some point but never followed through.

Today, 10 times out of 10, I'd rather buy a nice F2AS.
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