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HCB used 50mm for earlier work..
Refer article by Ernst Haas, HCB used the 35mm as much as 50mm.
See HCB's Japan portfolio, many shots only possible with a 35mm..

I respect using electronic cameras, enjoying my Canon Ae-1, Ae-1P, Av-1.
The only possible problem is servicing.. my Canons and EOS are OK.
I have an almost for nothing cost EOS SLR that I will soon run a roll thru..
Battery costs C$40.00 so use before dead!

The use of early Leica is the different look of images.
A beautiful softness, low contrast that most pleasing to my eye..
A friend cut his leader with a "guide" and even so in a rainy "Santa Claus"
Parade, it took him 40mins to reload!
I would have kicked camera into street..anger non-management.

Truthfully any film camera can be used except really noisy units..
In the noise of modern cities, traffic, building, demolition and even rioting, even noisemakers like Bronica, Hasselblad and Mamiya RB67 can be safely used..
Load film, enjoy, shoot..
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