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Originally Posted by leicapixie View Post
My choice, though I love my Leica M's is a SLR., usually no meter,
Most older are all mechanical (Except Canon A series but very reliable).
Purchased nice condition Pentax Spotmatics, KM, Nikkormat(mint),
Nikon F; Were all priced from $10~~$80 (Nikon-f with 50mm f2.0.
I love my Canon Ae-1p (free), the Av-1 and lenses were easy..50mm came with body and 28mm Canon purchased for $40.

The LTM Leica are a pain to load unless you really research..
A Business card helps in loading!
Using fall-off added viewfinders not my idea of fun!
The Contax and Kiev worry is servicing..

Street photography has NO rules!
The 50mm (my personal favorite) but love using longer or wider..
Everything works for street, indeed. With my EOS 300 and 16-35 f2.8 lens I see zero reason in mechanical cameras. They are as fetish as Leica is .
I purchased classic, original 50 1.8 EF to match it with EOS 300.
And all metal tele zoom lens to match Nikormat .

As for loading, no card or else is need if Leica, Zorki was assembled properly after CLA and film is cut as it must. If both factors are present, then cassette, spool and film on them just slides in, without dancing with bells and whistles. And it advances film smooth and no issues by very first frame.

IMO. 50 mm is very limiting if you are open to catch everything which happens just in front of you. It is focal lengh for something in the distance and doesn't really moving. Maybe it worked in HCB time with much less population and life been slow, but to me GW has proved it. His earlier photography is with 50mm, but only.
I mean, I'm not too shy person on the street and with 50mm I just can't frame all I need in the frame and been close.
It took me years, but with 16-35 2.8 EF AF zoom I was able to get what they are saying about taking it as close as people thinking it is not picture of them been taken. IMO.

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