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Contax IIa vs Leica IIIa as P&S for street.
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Contax IIa vs Leica IIIa as P&S for street.

Considering picking up a classic rangefinder for street to use as a P&S (zone focus, set average exposure and let film latitude take the strain).

Screw mount Leica or Contax are within my budget, M Leicas are more than I would like to pay for a camera.

In particular a Leica IIIa w/ 5cm f2 Summar or Contax IIa w/ 5cm f2 Sonnar are within my reach at the moment. Both from reputable retailers with 6 month guarantee.

However the Contax is reported as having sticky slow shutter speeds whilst I'm always put off by the faff of having to trim the film leader with the Leica. Not so convenient if I need to buy fresh film when I've run out.
With both cameras I'm also wary of them becoming repair/service money pits, especially with the Contax where servicing may be a problem here in the UK.

Thoughts ?
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