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Originally Posted by kiemchacsu View Post
Very interesting photo Michael. In deed it says a lot of things about Hanoi, such as:- motobike is the main private transport- in 2008, wearing the helmet while driving motobike was not compulsory. It is now.- young folks tend to violate the traffic law quite often. In the picture you showed, 3 pax on a bike is illegal (maximum of 2)If you have chance to visit Hanoi now, you would be surprise how developed it is now. Please do share more photos you have.
Before Hanoi I had been to KL and it was amazing how different they were. KL was full of big shopping malls and western consumer culture had been enthusiastically embraced. By comparison Hanoi was quiet and old fashioned. I saw a lot of the city in two weeks and never saw a shopping mall. I did however see the start of some consumer culture and it seemed the population was keen for that, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear there was a lot of retail development. I didn't even see many supermarkets - most of the daily essentials sere being sold on the street by people with stalls in doorways.
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