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Originally Posted by NY_Dan View Post
Well, I believe one of the OP's points is that high res video can make almost anyone capable of producing great street photos -- the premise being that with the camera constantly on something good will be captured, or at the very least, the photographer will not have to choose a perfect/decisive moment to shoot.

Now some have opined that the camera won't be on continuously but only for 2-3 second bursts -- well then, a motor drive still camera would achieve the same result. To use a 4K camera as a still camera is possible, but then why not just use a still with a motor drive. I agree, one can't always tell what recoding medium was used to make an image.
Actually what he said was you could shoot for 40 mins and get 72000 frames, but he then suggested that it could be used by a street photographer using it more discriminately, which I've then hijacked as short video bursts.
I was thinking of how this would play out once the technology improves, who knows where it will be in 20 years, as for now, no, it's not there yet, but if the frame rate could be improved sufficiently it would certainly be quieter than a motor drive.
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