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Taking away luck in street photography ?
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Taking away luck in street photography ?

[I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so please move if not]

I have spent the last few days using a Panasonic GH4.

This camera allows you to shoot video at 4k, [which equates to 24 x 8mp files a second, any of which you can extract from the video feed], so a 40 minute walk down your high street with indiscriminate shooting could give you up to c. 72,000 frames to choose from.

Cameras like this could herald a new era in documentary / street photography (although not necessarily for the better).

With more discriminate use, this technology could dramatically increase the yield of quality street photography - no more closed eyes..catching that decisive moment etc. The quality is also only going to get better with time.

I've written more at and will update this page as I get used to this very new and exciting technology.

Oh...and it's an excellent stills camera as well !

Below are a few examples of the video grabs from the camera and a couple of full sized jpegs are on the website.

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