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Thank you all for your interests! Some more photos:

During the Soviet era (says 60s - 70s previous century), Soviet Union and East Germany had helped Vietnam to build many residential unit while we were still busy with the Civil War. I guess that were the huge improvement in terms of living condition at that time but at the moment, most of them are in serious deterioration. The City has been trying to demolish and rebuild them but there are still a lot remained in really bad condition. I am giving an example of "Van Chuong residential neighborhood", the place I've visited several times to document it.

6. Here is the facade of a apartment, you can have an idea how old it is.

1207_16_Vanchuong_Fomapan100_2 by kiemchacsu, on Flickr

7. The electricity odometers are located in front of each building

1207_14_Vanchuong_Fomapan100 by kiemchacsu, on Flickr

8. Normally, there is a common playing ground for several buildings. Not so big but enough for kids playing football or guys doing body buider

1207_07_Vanchuong_Fomapan100(F3) by kiemchacsu, on Flickr


1207_05_HP5+_2 by kiemchacsu, on Flickr


1207_01_Vanchuong_Fomapan100(F3) by kiemchacsu, on Flickr


1207_29_Vanchuong_Fomapan100(F3) by kiemchacsu, on Flickr
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