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Hanoi Vietnam viewed through Leica M
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Hanoi Vietnam viewed through Leica M

I've been thinking whether I should open a thread to depict a city because it's far beyond my possibility. Anyway, I will try to post and give captions; hope that people could have some information about Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. If anybody of you has visited and want to share, feel free to post photos.

Here we go, from the latest rolls

1. This is a warehouse where people collect things to be recycled, includes steel, aluminum, brass... from those women. They go through streets to buy scrap from each household. In Vietnam, we still do not have different trash bins to separate the waste from beginning.

1404 M2_35F2 Hanoi 07 by kiemchacsu, on Flickr

2. The woman on the left was making fried eggs for the other old ladies. People in Hanoi like to have food right on the street.

1404 M2_35F2 Hanoi 06 by kiemchacsu, on Flickr

3. Again, drinking draft beer on street.

1404 M2_35F2 Hanoi 03 by kiemchacsu, on Flickr

4. A small kiosk to sell cigarettes, beverage, tea...

1404 M2_35F2 Hanoi 11 by kiemchacsu, on Flickr

5. They make food and sell it in front of their house.

1404 M2_35F2 Hanoi 13 by kiemchacsu, on Flickr
Trung Nguyen

photo essays: Hanoi | Hoi An | Ha Giang | Fish Market
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