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Originally Posted by Ron (Netherlands) View Post
Wanted to shoot some fabric to test one of my recently acquired Jupiter 3 lenses (50mm f 1.5 - this one from 1961). Therefore took a (new :-)) suit, an old watch and a FED 2 for which I just had finished the repair (new shutter curtains) for a fellow member.

(shot taken with flash light at f 5.6 on a M8.2)

Indeed interesting Greg; would you like to start a separate thread for the serials?
Sorry, I didn't see this sooner. I went to get my J-3 for the serial # & low & behold it's not a 63 at all but a N6002015. All this time I thought it was a 63? Now I'm scratching my head how I came up with the year 63. Loosing my mind. Anyhow early 60 models are good.
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