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Originally Posted by goamules View Post
If he doesn't the internet Google search by images does.

The VT is a tank, but works very well. The viewfinder has 3 magnifications and lines for the main 3 focal length lenses. It's far better than the old Barnacks.
My VIT has the lines in the viewfinder, the VT series of cameras have no lines in the viewfinder...just the high mag, the 50mm and the 35mm positions in the VF.

Some say the high mag position of the classic Canon Tri-finder corresponds as a finder for the 100mm lens.. others say it corresponds to the 135mm lens, I don't know as I always used a separate VF on the camera with lenses longer than 50mm.

The Viewfinder on the VT has aged better than the Viewfinder on the VIT on most cameras, as internal light reflections in the latter's viewfinder can be annoying.
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