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Robin Perry
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Robin Perry

I remember Robin Perry. When I knew him, he usually wore black leather tight pants and had a shaven bald head. He'd often have a beret in his pictures like sitting under a tree in lotus position but I don't recall him wearing his beret in the few instances I knew him. Robin originally used the Pentax 6x7 and later switched to OM1 system. He had nice house and a photographic development area in his house where he did his own work. He was a commercial photographer and he also liked motorcycles. He made a practice of marrying his models for brief periods. I think when I knew him he was inbetween wife 5 and 6. My dog, an English setter, went running around in his house one day and the wagging tail knocked off a Steuben glass dolphin that was sitting on a table and it fell to floor and shattered. I later gave him a replacement. Robin told me he was a photo interpreter for the missile silos shown in photographs taken over Cuba during the missile crisis. I believe there was a movie of that in which someone played his part. I brought an attractive young lady to his house one day and he took some pictures of her on his couch. I remember he gave her something to hold and asked her to look at camera with the thought that what she was holding was a man's penis. This was to get some blush on her face and make her look provocative. I suppose that's often done but it was a new experience to me.
I don't know anything more about Robin, whether he is alive or not. I hope so, and if so, Hi Robin!

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If it's the person I think it is (Robin Livingston Perry) then I believe he died in 2005. If I remember rightly he was a pro photographer and authored a number of books on the subject back in the 1970s. My local library at the time had a number of them.

I've got a vague idea he lived / worked somewhere near Al Kaplan (I could be wrong though..), so he may know more.
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