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Originally Posted by J enea View Post
3 years ago I found in my dads old telescope boxes a new unused 50mm 1.8 E lens still in its box. took it out, hooked it up and it had oil on the shutter blades, and wouldn't open/close without me pushing the app lever on the lens. i was wondering if it was worth it to get it fixed, as I can almost buy a new 50mm 1.8 d lens for the cost to have it fixed.

I do have 2 50mm lenses already, a 1.4 ai-s and a long nose 1.8 ai-s, so not sure what I gain by fixing it.
Oil on SLR aperture blades on lenses with auto stop down is a regular feature for Kiev SLRS, 35mm or 120 cameras. So it helps to learn to clean the aperture blades yourself, as these Kiev lenses are not worth much and certainly ain't worth the price of a professional camera tech working on them, same for that Nikon series E lens these days.
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