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War time neg. Back to front numbering?
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War time neg. Back to front numbering?

I am currently printing some old negatives from the 1940's. In fact they were taken by an Australian soldier before / after being a POW in Changi, Singapore.

I think the film is this as it is about 35mm size but has the single spaced hole like 126.

As they have historical significance it is important that I get the orientation correct. None of the negs (so far) have any writing on them in order to check but when I print a neg that has been placed in the enlarger shiny side up and upside down, the numbering on the neg is backwards on the print.

Is it possible that the old numbering was the opposite to what it is now or that the shiny side is actually the emulsion side with this film?

Confused. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers - John

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