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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
That may be so, but you never have the total control of your print that I like when you depend upon an external service to do your printing. Cost is only one aspect of making prints, and not the most important one IMO.

I have total control while using a professional printer. They scan the neg, which I fine tune how I like. They use my adjusted file to print a proof with me in attendance, and we all can weigh in on improvements. (I can get us 95% there.) They pull up the file on their monitor, adjust with a curves layer to suit the paper, printer, and our eyes, and make another proof. It's a process that has value (to me) because I'm not a professional printer and I value their input. The result is certainly better than I could do alone.

I enjoy working in the darkroom for small prints but everything else is done with professional printers, and I have no desire to own an inkjet printer of my own.

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