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How far can I update OSX and still run LR6.7 without problems? Reply to Thread
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How far can I update OSX and still run LR6.7 without problems? Reply to Thread

Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
LR v6.14 is not without issues already on Mojave. The Maps module no longer functions, due to changes in the back end interface to the geolocation library that Adobe will no longer update, and I found that the Slideshow module had major issues playing and integrating a slideshow into a 720p video I was working on yesterday.

There are also occasional issues in the Develop and Print modules ... usually a restart clears them. But the days are numbered, and I am readying other tools to take its place if I continue to hold my resolve not to hop on the subscription bandwagon. Other aspects of macOS and its integration with iOS and iPadOS are actually more important to me than LR.

But LR6.7 works fine with Mojave?

I have also tried various options, from ON1 to Luminar and Marketable, in the hope of finding an alternative (and I'm happy to pay for a stand-alone). What has turned me off these is that they are very 'flashy' c/w LR. All I want is a clean and not not AI version of my darkroom. A lightroom where I can import DNGs that I have moderately renamed, where I can adjust the file and then print with confidence, and of course manage my files.

Is that really such a unreasonable demand? By all means let them make that program complex and whatever but allow me to use it in the way I like.

None of that seems possible so for now I have to protect my LR6.7/MAC combo. It works and is brilliant.
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