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I became a photographer through digital cameras, so film came later for me. I now shoot both digital and medium-format film.

I went on to do an MA photography degree, but I have zero interest in using a darkroom: the university has a darkroom that’s twice as large as my apartment, set up to develop and print both B&W and colour, but I never used it!

My film process is hybrid analogue-digital, with digital prints made from scans. To me, the difference between (a) traditional wet prints and (b) digital C-type prints from scans is not worth making a fuss about. I don’t care, and viewers and buyers of my prints don’t care.

Two points to make clear, though. My gallery-quality prints are

• C-types on traditional silver-gelatine paper - not inkjet prints
• from scans made with high-end scanners such as Flextites, if negatives.

Consumer scanners are rubbish and Flextite scans are expensive, so I’m currently in the process of building a “scanner” that uses a 42 MP digital camera. It won’t be quite as good as a Flextite, but close - and good enough.

Lastly, I never use 35mm film as I consider it a waste of money and effort, having no advantages over either digital or medium-format film - if your interest lies solely with the final image, as mine does.


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