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Originally Posted by mpaniagua View Post
It is a well know fact that Yoshihisa Maitani admired Leica design and workmanship so no wonder.
Though I've never actually had the opportunity to see one up close in the flesh (unless you count an OM2000 at Goodwill), I've always deeply appreciated the design and attention to detail of the OM series. Just enough polished chrome to look dressed up, yet minimal enough to be an objet d'art. Looking at the OM-1, I wouldn't have guessed it came out as early as it did, but later in the 70s.

I'm a bit jealous of you lot; If I were to categorize my assortment of cameras as something other than simply 'practical,' it would be 'idiosyncratic'—the M5, the former Canon A-1, and now my Fuji—anything a little offbeat from the archetypal SLR. I think the OM series fits into that with its novel metering and the like.

Knowing what I know now, if I were to start over again from scratch, I'd be building up an OM kit rather than starting with Nikon. Though thats certainly something only a photographer would notice, there's something about the rendering of those lenses I really love, akin to Leica's. All the more versatile with today's mirrorless—digital was the reason I stuck it out with Nikon for so long.
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