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Unlike some, I have found the simplicity of the OM-1 or 1n refreshing. It is still my favorite OM. A feature I considered essential was the interchangeable screens. I love a plain, uncluttered view and have always had either the 1-4 (plain matte) or 1-10 (matte w/grid) screens installed in my cameras.
For wider lenses with a lot of DOF I may often focus by scale in dim light anyway. With 35mm and up with the proper correction on the eyepiece focusing, even on a matte screen has proved viable.

Had a OM2sp that gobbled button cells and my home made solution was to fashion a hand grip that held 2 AAA batts providing 3v and a much longer life.

A few years ago, in a second hand store, stumbled on a OM-4Ti that was ‘jammed’ for $35. Paid the man and when home popped in a couple of fresh S76 batteries which was all the camera needed. After downloading the instructions from the Olympus site I find the camera is still intimidating and generally too complex for my taste.
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