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Early last year I caught the OM bug and bought three OM2n in the hope that one of them would work properly, in fact all three work perfectly. I also bought a load of lenses to see which I liked and all are good enough for most purposes with the exception of the 35mm f2.0 which wasn't (I managed to return it on the grounds of a small amount of fungus, which had not been spotted by the seller). I later found a wonderful, though large, Vivitar 35mm f1.9 that gives superb results.

So why the OM2n and not the OM1? Well I tried the OM1 when it came out in the early '70s but really didn't like the shutter dial and lack of any info in the viewfinder. The OM2 solved this problem by putting a very useful exposure compensation dial on the top deck and shutter speeds in the viewfinder, it also takes the same batteries as all my other 35mm cameras.

The OMs are a wonderful compromise between a Leica M and an SLR. Unlike the Nikon FM2s they sound rather nice and are just that much more compact, making them perfect travel cameras. As you say, highly recommended.
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