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Lovely SLR systems for little - Olympus OM2n and lenses
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Lovely SLR systems for little - Olympus OM2n and lenses

I took my OM2n out of aetivation over the weekend. It failed to respond to being switched on, and the finder was blocked. After an initial panic, fitting new batteries had it working perfectly, the blockage being the locked up mirror. I thought it should work in manual mode, but I couldn't remember how.

It's no bigger than an M and the lenses are compact. I had one as a teenager and while I chopped that in for my first Nikon, I'd kept my 50mm f1.8 and my 28mm f2.8, still with the original Hoya filters, so the lenses are immaculate. I'd added a 35mm f2.8 and a, unused still, 135mm. I'd always been happy with the colour rendering, but really had not shot much black and white.

I'd recalled the 35mm f2.8 being rather soft, but then I remembered I'd only shot it in the kitchen of a restaurant in low light wide open, so I thought I'd test it with Tmax400 at 200 in Perceptol 1:2 - my favourite for bringing out detail and sharpness.

It got a fair amount of love from people chatting at a car meet, and I liked using it, I just used aperture priority and had no alarms about exposure.

For the system I have, you could buy that all for nigh on 350 (probably now about US$10! with the current exchange rate). The lenses are lovely, OK the shutter dial position takes some getting used to, the aperture position on the lens is like a Leica and the viewfinder is bright and clear, and the display still bright and intuitive. Apart from the cracked hot shoe, it looks like it's 10 not 40 years old!

One of those systems that seems to be out of the limelight yet takes gorgeous photos. Frankly, for those on a budget, what better?

The Prescott MkII Landie - 50mm f1.8 at about f4

Tea, buns and crossword at Huffkins - 50mm f1.8 at f2.8

Rose amid the pyrocantha thorns - 35mm f2.8 at f2.8

De-gassing progress:

Leica M2, Nikon D700, Bronica RF645, Leica CL, Summicron 40mm, Rolleicord Va, Hasselblad 500 CM Zeiss Planar, Leica 50mm Summicron V3, Hasselblad PME51 metered prism, Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 534/16 & Ensign 820 Special - all gone.
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