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Originally Posted by Phil_F_NM View Post
What age VW? What elevation?
If were talking air cooled, the Porsche wins hands down. Above about 8500ft, both start to suck but at least the Porsche can get out of its own way.
Phil Forrest
Phil, I profoundly doubt that they have 4,600 or 5,400 ft elevations (like the passes in my immediate vicinity), let alone an 8,500 ft elevation where willie_901 lives -- actually, there in Show Me State, they call little hills of mere 1,630 ft huuuuge *mountain peaks*

I guess, we can agree: it's useful to have more than one vehicle. (And when one has more than one house, in different environments, this applies the more; our Subaru and our Ford are the right choice when we go skiing in the resort where we have our weekend cottage; when we go swimming, playing tennis, whatever, it's something different of course! Wait, the Ford is also good when I'm my children's fencing chauffeur )

Back to lenses: the ultra-fast WA lens may be useful under certain conditions; but it's certainly not the ideal all-(a)round lens!
**Any feature is a bug unless it can be turned off.** (Daniel Bell Heuer's Law.)
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