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I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and certain shapes just don't work for me - hence disposal of the D700 and why I'm less fond of the R7 - it needs gripping more as it's thin. Whereas the SL2 and the R8 seem to fit perfectly and are not a trial. It's also among the reasons I love the M5.

All are a bit heavy though around the neck. Time to redeploy my Optech Hasselblad strap!
De-gassing progress:

Leica M2, Nikon D700, Bronica RF645, Leica CL, Summicron 40mm, Rolleicord Va, Hasselblad 500 CM Zeiss Planar, Leica 50mm Summicron V3, Hasselblad PME51 metered prism, Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 534/16 & Ensign 820 Special - all gone.
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