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Originally Posted by Larry Cloetta View Post
SL2 has a demonstrably more sensitive meter, though I canít say real world exposure results have ever been better for me with the SL2 than the SL. Normal daylight shooting they are both fine. I donít use either in dark bars though, where the more low light capable SL2 would be a better bet.

Some people find the SL viewfinder screen more to their liking than the SL2, though they are both excellent, a couple of the best ever. A nice SL is definitely worth the little they go for these days.

And they wonít scratch your film, AFAIK

(Iíve never had an R8 scratch film, for what thatís worth.)
I use both the SL and SL2. I prefer the SL2 indoors because of the split image viewfinder is considerably easier to use in dim light.
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