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Originally Posted by 2wenty View Post
Thanks for the heads up. So I have 2 batches that are the previous small ones. Which sucks and no response from Kodak. I really hope they get back to me and offer some kind of replacement. As of now Im out $35 on this.

Look like I need to find the new one. I developed in D76 and DDX last night and I dont like it. I need the XTOL back.

Does your A side move around in the bag like the B side or is it thicker? Does it just pour out of the bag really easy or do you kinda have to force it out?

There was no difference between A and B, both are really dry powder that runs out of the bag by itself. I could not see any difference from the old powder, and I have used Xtol for many years. Where are yours made, US or Germany?
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