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Originally Posted by Kai-san View Post
Picked up two packs of Xtol yesterday from my local shop, two and a half months after ordering them! The packaging is different now (see pictures), both A and B are inside a thick, white sealed plastic bag. The plastic bags seems to be of a better quality than previous. The declaration says "Made in Germany for Kodak Alaris limited" and the production date is 2019.10.07. That means these are newer than the ones Kodak has warned about and also made by another factory. The powder is nice and dry as it should be, and some minutes ago I pulled a nicely developed roll of Fuji Acros out of the tank.

Thanks for the heads up. So I have 2 batches that are the previous small ones. Which sucks and no response from Kodak. I really hope they get back to me and offer some kind of replacement. As of now Im out $35 on this.

Look like I need to find the new one. I developed in D76 and DDX last night and I dont like it. I need the XTOL back.

Does your A side move around in the bag like the B side or is it thicker? Does it just pour out of the bag really easy or do you kinda have to force it out?
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