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Originally Posted by Ronald M View Post
Yes D76, Metol, hydroquinone, sodium sulfate, borax.
Developing agents from Photographers Formulary, SS from the chemistry store, borax is 20 mule team from the laundry aisle.

Mix your own and you know how old it is and what is in it and it costs me 50 cents a liter.

Similar stuff in Dektol or D72 except sodium carbonate, Chemistry Store also.

You need a balance and stir rod and thermometer.
Small electronic scale, magnetic stirrer, Erlenmeyer flask, and magnetic stir rods make it really easy.
Get the one liter plastic flasks on Amazon.

When we changed vendors at work or started a new product, there was a first article inspection. What is wrong with Kodak?
Not my yellow father any more.
It is also possible to make up a phenidone/ascorbate based substitute for Dektol and avoid the use/exposure to/discharge to the environment of metol and hydroquinone.

I've been using my own version of a Phenidone/ascorbate paper developer
for three years now with results indistinguishable from Dektol on Ilford variable contrast paper (the only paper that I use).
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