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Originally Posted by Noserider View Post
This is totally due to packaging failure of the new Xtol. Once again "Kodak" screws the pooch with a great product. I wonder how many people got burned with the 120 paper backing issue and how much that cost them in warranty replacement. I have a buddy who bought a large amount of the bad backing paper film and got all of it replaced by Kodak, and was a sad moment to have to trash all those unusable rolls of 120. Maybe 20-30 Pro-Packs of 5 hit the garbage. I also wonder how many people will decide not to use Xtol from this point on due to the uncertainty of any Xtol.
I bought a large batch of TMAX400 in 120 size and as it turned out, EVERY LAST roll was ruined by the paper. Some of my most cherished moments with my family were shot with that film and it was all ruined. Horrific. I have never had a film failure like that before. Ever. I was so disgusted with Kodak I just tossed the remaining 40-50 rolls into the garbage and ate the loss. Money could not restore those trips overseas with my family.

I have not shot one frame of Kodak film since then.
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