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"outdoor" photo equipment: 1 body + 3 lenses or 3 x (body + lens) ?
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"outdoor" photo equipment: 1 body + 3 lenses or 3 x (body + lens) ?


yesterday I was at an outdoor museum showing old regional buildings from the 18th and 19th century.

I took a 35 mm, a 50 mm and a 135 mm lens with me.

While I used the 35 mm most of the time photographing the buildings (were I again noticed that a 28 mm would often be a better choice) I also needed the 50 mm for a windmill behind a large meadow and the 135 mm for taking pictures of the animals.

Because of the time needed to change the screw mount lenses and the viewfinders I only changed the lenses three times (35 --> 50 --> 135 --> 35) and skipped some oppertunities.

Now I think whether it would be a good idea to just put three complete RF bodies with lens and viewfinder (28, 50, 90 - 135) in the camera bag so that I have the "right" focal length at hand every time.

What is your experience/opinion on using multiple lenses in the field ?
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