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Originally Posted by shawn View Post
I only recently bought the 28 Ultron f2 and while it isn't as small as the tiny f4 25mm or f4 21mm it isn't a big lens. See attachments with and without the lens hood attached.

It is from our bartender page here:

I opted for 28 1.9 and according to the image in the first link it isn't much bigger than 28 2. Yet, it is huge lens. To me.

Originally Posted by Egguie View Post
I don't really get the 35.
They already have 3 amazing 35mm in production, the Ultron 1.7, the Color-Skopar 2.5 and the Nokton 1.2, so one more lens in that same focal length seems kinda useless to me.
Really really excited about the 21mm though. I guess it's gonna replace the actual f/4, hopefully with better performance on digital sensors
Actually, four.
I don't need tabless 1.7. Same for 1.2. I had tabless 1.7 and it was taking too much time to focus. And my fingers are greasy. So, 1.7 and 1.2 are kinda useless to me.
I had 2.5 in all three versions. The only time I liked it was on M8, but I also liked J-12 on this camera.
I don't like 1.4 extra character, either and focus shift gamble.
So, they have listened to me and 2 is welcome!

Originally Posted by Jerevan View Post
Just to be a contrarian ... I find them to be retro-fugly, and the little knob is not my style - I just prefer the bigger tab on the Skopar, for example. The 35/2 is about fifteen years too late in the RF game - could have really changed things up.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
The body style is Canon LTM, earlier CV. Nothing fugly.
Again, I have to deal with loosen Scopar tab and it is not something easy to deal with. Lots of disassembling and even then screws are exposed it is still not an easy task. So, the simple shtuck is welcome. After lens is in use for year or so, it is possible to change it to more convenient tab.

Fifteen years ago it was no RF cameras with high ISO sensors. So, now compact 35/2 makes sense even more. And it is still sweet spot on film M.
Not 2.5/2.8 slow, but still safe to have it accidentally open and exposed to the sun on film M.
Here is cheap, new 35/2 on the market this year and many jumped on it. I decided not to due to bad barrel distortion, but I still want to add second 35 lens. This 35/2 seems to be perfect lens for my second 35.
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