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Additonal info from DCWatch:

ULTRON Vintage Line 35mm F2 Aspherical VM

- Unlike the 35/1.7, top priority is being compact while retaining high optical quality;
- 8 Elements in unknown groups with aspherical element.
- 0.58m close focus, coupled to 0.7m.
- 10 aperture blades.
- Lens barrel length is 28mm.
- The new OLLUX/ LH-2 style hood is optional, but the 35/2.5's LH-4N hood is also compatible. Which indicates the filter size being 39mm.

COLOR-SKOPAR Vintage Line 21mm F3.5 Aspherical VM

- M mount version of the recent E-mount lens.
- Digital optimized - color shift improved over the 21/4 for better performance on the M.
- 0.5m close focus, coulped to 0.7m.
- 10 aperture blades.
- 39mm filter size.
- Lens barrel length is 30mm.

Pictures on M10:

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