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Okay, I'll come at this another way, putting aside any moral issues I might have with cockfighting. What exactly is the story that you're trying to tell here Bob? A quick web search for cockfighting in Cuba turns up similar types of reportage featuring some truly breathtaking photos by talented photographers. The photos in those stories generally painted a much more vivid picture of cockfighting in Cuba. There is clearly some room for growth here.

A case in point

I would agree with a statement above criticizing the exclusion of the heads of the subjects in the frame. Maybe crop in tighter on the money changing hands with the beer bellied man. But I'm more bothered by the photograph featuring the woman's breasts with a caption that starts with "Anything you want...". Please don't take that as some sort of politically correct comment. Obviously the participants are almost exclusively male, why not put a face to the females involved? How many females are involved as a percentage? What's in it for the owners of the winning birds, do they get a cut of the money taken in? Is the owner of the losing bird out anything other than an injured or dead bird? Also, I don't care what angle you're coming at this from, surely you can find a better choice of words rather than noting that these birds are well cared for as professional athletes. It's hard to take much other commentary seriously from that point on.

On a side note, every article that I read mentioned the prevention of brawling amongst spectators being one of the biggest concerns (irony at its finest).

There you go.
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