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Originally Posted by Erik van Straten View Post
Capa's photographs were artistically mediocre, but not Cartier-Bresson's. Cartier-Bresson's pictures are masterpieces of artistic photography.

Capaís photos might have been artistically mediocre, but he was a photojournalist not an artist. He documented quickly for money and fame.

HCB has some masterpieces. For example the first half of his book The Decisive Moment is mostly excellent, and can be considered a masterpiece when viewed in the historical context. The second half however is a real disappointment for me and far from a masterpiece of artistic photography, and taken without historic context falls very flat. Itís almost as if two different photographers contributed to the book. I would say that everything in the second half of the book (except a few historical photos like Gandhiís funeral) has been done better since. After all, for a photo to stand outside of historical context it must be better than every other example of that photo.
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