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Originally Posted by Beemermark View Post
I think all pawn shops are required to provide the local police with a list of equipment and identifying marks on things placed in pawn. Having been robbed twice in two different cities/states that is what I was told. Not that it did any good.
Definitely a good idea to notify police in the hopes that the thief is new to camera theft and tries to unload it him/herself on ebay, Craigs List, or another site.

I don't know about now, but when I was in Colorado (many years ago) the police were pretty sure one or two levels above the thief, was a part of a group that would ship stolen goods to Texas, Kansas City, or other places that far away so they wouldn't show up in local police theft records. Perhaps that is no longer true.

Regardless, do report it as that establishes it as stolen goods from you on a particular date.
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