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It was most likely a crime of opportunity and not a Leica thief. Start by checking the pawn shops close to where the theft happened. Many of the shops are on the lookout for stolen goods and won't take it but there are still a few that will look the other way. Crooks like to unload stuff quickly and being specialized gear, not easy to sell (unlike bike parts). The few remaining camera shops require both identification and a stolen goods check before they will issue any funds. Keep checking Craigslist, most of the sellers of leica gear are regulars but if they start listing your gear it will be a bargain prices and easy to track. Check Offer Up and any other selling sites.Most likely, whoever stole your gear fenced it to a second party, for fast cash, they will be the one trying to sell it Remember, with the current way crimes are prosecuted, even if they catch the guy with your lenses in his bag he will face little, if any, repercussions. Sorry for your loss.
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