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Originally Posted by ZeissFan View Post
This would be a wrong assumption. Carl Zeiss has always prided itself on producing top-quality products and has production standards that are second to none. Leica is on equal footing when it comes to attempting to produce the highest-quality optics possible.
Thanks for the reply, Mike. I own several Zeiss cameras and lenses, as well as a Zeiss Tessar and Sonnar for my Exakta--and I'm in full agreement with you.

My error was in assuming that these were less expensive East German substitutes for the Rollei close-up lenses. I've heard/read that postwar Zeiss Jena lenses have excellent design, but that manufacturing often left something to be desired. Certainly, my CZJ lenses for Werra and Exakta, while very nice, don't appear to be manufactured to the same standard as my Zeiss-Ikon lenses.

JPD's post stating that these are "the original close-up lenses for Rollei" makes it clear that these Proxars were OEM, not third-party. I'm looking forward to trying them out.
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