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Originally Posted by JPD View Post
No, the Rolleiparkeil 1 is for the Proxar/Rolleipar/Rolleinar 1 and Rolleiparkeil 2 is for the 2.

The "keil" (wedge-prism) gives a little different perspective in the two versions.

(Rolleipar, the "par" is german for "pair", because it comes in sets of two, one for the viewing and one for the taking lens. The Rolleiparkeil is then the third accessory).

The advantage with the three-piece set is that the two plain close-up lenses can be used together when using the plate adapter. Then you can focus directly on the film plane. (You can also use a Paramender, like the one for the Mamiya TLR's, and use the close-up lenses on the viewing lens first for focusing, and then put them on the taking lens and move the camera up with the Paramender).
Thanks for that info. I guess I'm in the market for a Bay 1 Rolleiparkeil 1. Anyone out there wat to sell theirs? I also need bay 2 nos.1 and 2 Rolleinars.
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