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Originally Posted by tbhv55 View Post
I purchased the A32PX (replacement for the mercury PX32) for my GSN from the Small Battery Company in London. I see that you're in the US, but SBC charges only 3 (around 4$) to send internationally. Here's a link to the appropriate battery on the SBC site.

Their A32PX replacement for the mercury PX32 isn't cheap at 10.89 (around $14) but for me it has worked perfectly for many years. No adapters, no stacking - just insert the battery, and be done with it!

I've dealt with SBC several times over the past ten years, and I've always had good service. Hope this helps. (Disclaimer: No connection with SBC other than as a satisfied customer.)
Thanks for the suggestion!
Looks like they are out of stock at the moment.
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