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If you don't mind a slightly old-fashioned range/viewfinder (no projected frames, fuzzy-edged rangefinder patch) you might like the older Mamiya Six. Unlike the later, confusingly named Mamiya 6, the '40s-'60s version has a fixed lens but is fully folding — it collapses down to the size of a sandwich and fits easily into a briefcase or coat pocket. Look for the Automat model, which cocks the shutter automatically when you advance the film (which many folders don't.) I have the second-to-last model, which has an excellent 75mm f/3.5 Olympus Zuiko lens; the final model has a slightly larger finder eyepiece and reflected viewfinder frames (nice) and a Mamiya-sourced Sekor lens (I don't think this is quite as good as the Zuiko but lots of people disagree.) One of the biggest usability hangups with these (and most other 1950s-era folders) is that the f/stop and shutter speed controls are very crowded together, so they're not the easiest to use in dim light or fast-changing situations, but for a carry-around medium format camera they stack up well otherwise. I scored mine for fifty bucks at a used-camera show because the leatherette was peeling off (common problem) but the ones I see on eBay are usually in the low three digits.
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