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Originally Posted by nightfly View Post
I don't really care for full range Ansel Adams style black and white prints. The sort of eye of god perfection zone system whatever. I think if this does float your boat, then digital might be an option for you. It's a bit sterile to me even when done well on film.

Personally I'm more into the Daido Moriyama, grainy, blurry gritty look which doesn't really come across well in digital despite people saying that noise looks like grain it doesn't.

When I started shooting digital I stopped doing black and white. If I want black and white, I put a roll of tri-x in my camera and develop it with Rodinal.

But I realize that my vision of what black and white "should" look like is idiosyncratic. It's the same reason I don't like C-41 black and white or HP-5 for that matter. It lacks the grittiness that attracted me to black and white in the first place.
Do you realize he is on digital for some time now?

Oly E-PL1 bw, SOOC.

HP5+ never looks good to me on scans. With grade paper it is different story.

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