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Jim, thanks for your quick answer. I understand that there's no light meter. I quite like this actually and have had pretty good results using the "Sunny 16" rule, which as I understand as follows: Shooting in full sun, if you set your F-Stop to 16, you'll have good exposure if your shutter speed matches your film's ISO. You can use the "exposure triangle" to make adjustments accordingly. Certainly I can still follow the same guidelines with this camera. The only difference is that with the VT-Deluxe I've been shooting with, you actually have a means to tell the camera what is the ISO of the film you're using. The P does not have this - there's nowhere to set the ISO on the camera. So... Do I just kinda load my film and continue to follow Sunny 16 and not worry about the fact that there's no where to set the ISO setting on the camera itself?
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