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Originally Posted by Phil_F_NM View Post
All the shipboard US Navy photographers mates used Pentax 67s for aerial shots from helicopters since the late 80s. Hanging out a helo door a thousand feet from the water is one of those places where the 67 doesn't sound loud at all...
I hope they at least gave you a monkey strap. Or maybe when I had to hang out the back of a Chinook, the US Army crew was just more anxious to avoid the ton of paperwork they would have had to generate if I fell out.

I was using a Fujica ST 901 so it was easy compared to that cannonball you were carrying.

Originally Posted by johnf04 View Post
The problem with rangefinders can take a photograph with the lens cap on.
Some of my best photographs have been made under those same circumstances.

Originally Posted by james.liam View Post
The problem with rangefinders....long lenses are a bitch to use. And by long, 90mm and above.
Ever try a Pentax SLR 1000mm lens. Fine photo takers but are best used when mounted to a jeep.
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