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Originally Posted by heavyweather View Post
Thanks Peter, that looks like just the trick! I'll give it a shot. Might vignette a bit more than it already does, but hey, this lens is all about "the look."
No worries. I have never let a little vignetting worry me. Its easy to fix if that is what someone wants and as you say adds to the look. In fact I frequently add a vignette where there is not one already especially in portraits. And if you need to once you have a "normal" 55mm thread on the lens you can always add a stepping ring up to say 58mm to provide extra clearance and avoid vignetting that might be associated with filters or hoods.

BTW I am more comfortable with the bokeh on these nice shots than in the first one where the bokeh was quite "nervous". But that is not unusual with some lenses - they do not always produce the same bokeh characteristics in all circumstances. I like the portrait a lot.
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