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Originally Posted by heavyweather View Post
Eureka! So if I use a 58 to 55 step down ring, presumably a reversed 58mm filter will do the trick. Provided of course the step down ring makes a snug fit on the lens.

I didn’t find any straight across 55 to 55 rings.
As I understand it, since your lens has an external 55mm thread as would normally be found on a filter (i.e. a male thread) you require a female to female adapter which when attached will in effect turn your lens thread into a "normal" lens which will take any filter having a male thread.

I made a mistake in my post below and wrote that you need a female to male adapter where in fact you need a female to female adapter. Your filters will then screw on without reversing them. Sorry it's somehow hard to get my head around this I guess because I have not come across it before and I momentarily could not visualize what was needed.

But the adapter you need appears to be exactly - this one:

Will it screw on correctly to your lens given you seem to be saying this has also been an issue peculiar to that lens. Well that's the question I cannot answer but it should if your lens uses the same thread pitch as all other lens threads. Bear in mind that a filter's threads do not have to "screw in all the way" so long as the end of filter thread cinches up tight inside of the lens and the filter becomes tight.
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